PetBloon offers big fun interactive balloon play for your dog. Our clever balloon cover transforms standard balloons into a safer, more durable toy your pup will love. Designed for smaller breeds and gentle giants - it's still a balloon after all!


  • MAKES BALLOONS SAFE The balloon is contained within the cover. Even if it bursts, animals can’t get at the remnants so there’s protection from swallowing balloon pieces or choking
  • REUSABLE - easily untwist the ballon to deflate and take it with you. If a balloon pops, then you can use any standard latex balloon (3 are included for instant play)
  • SIMPLE TO USE 1. insert balloon & inflate, 2. twist balloon to seal (no pesky knots), 3. tuck balloon into the Velcro opening and close
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & FUN - it’s only a balloon so won’t injure kids, damage furniture or knock over ornaments. Suitable for indoor & outdoor play whatever the weather



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